The Science Behind EFT by Dr. Craig Weiner

This 6 part series by Dr. Craig Weiner, D.C. provides an excellent overview of the science supporting the efficacy of EFT and energy psychology. We are pleased to be able to make it available to you thanks to the generosity of Dr. Weiner ( and the EFT Hub. Our sincere gratitude to them for their support of International Partners for Healing and the Sexto Sol Center. We appreciate all they do to help people around the world find this path to healing.

Click on this image to view Dr. Weiner's description of the research on EFT to reduce stress and anxiety. To access more videos about the research supporting the effectiveness of EFT, please use links provided below.



More videos from this series by Dr. Craig Wiener


About International Partners for Healing

International Partners for Healing (IPH) is an alliance of professional teachers of energy psychology and energy medicine dedicated to alleviating the suffering of populations in crisis. Under the direction of the Sexto Sol Center, IPH partners provide training to local health care practitioners and other key people to enable them to use these effective therapeutic methods to assist people to heal from the emotional suffering caused by traumatic experiences. Learn more


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