The geographical distribution of the land within the tropics.

# Commitments

# "The unfinished work of our heroes, truly must be our own." Ben Harper

# The projects of the Sexto Sol Center are guided by our commitment to these ideals and action.
  • Reverence for the Earth and the innate intelligence in the web of life
  • To promote collective action by people who need to solve shared problems or reach common goals
  • The right sharing of the world's resources, economic justice through fair trade
  • To advocate for the full participation of women in the economy and civil society
  • To advocate for the full participation of First Nations in policy making.
  • To improve the quality of life for children; eliminating barriers to education
  • To protect the watershed for all species
  • To encourage local communities to be caretakers of the land
  • To disseminate ideas, appropriate technology and information that can make a tangible improvement in quality of life, reduce environmental impact of human activity
  • To provide an alternative to the stereotypic view of the poor in developing countries so that discussion of development be based in a realistic assessment of challenges they face and strengths they possess.
  • To encourage each person we serve to reach their full potential
  • To participate actively in the discovery of appropriate approaches to sustainable development
  • Dispel racism, promote trust, and practice compassion
  • Promote the new paradigm that sees all people as being connected
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations
  • To encourage others to find their unique way to contribute to the betterment of our world

# Changing the world for the better is a team effort!