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# Changing the world for the better is a team effort

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# Tamara Brennan, Ph.D., Executive Director (English y español)

Please write to Dr.Tamara Brennan concerning:

  • Volunteering and internships
  • Research questions
  • Foundations interested in our programs
  • Comments about this website
  • Availability of coffee or other products
  • Questions about our newsletter

# Field Office in Mexico:

Apartado Postal 64
Motozintla, Chiapas
CP 30900
Cell: 52 962 466 0575

# In the United States:

# Luis Manriquez, Treasurer

The Sexto Sol Center
5764 E Hampton, Mesa, AZ,
85206-6745 U.S.A.
(480) 854-758

Financial information available upon request